Introduction of Me

Hi, my name is Courtney Killian. I run, but I’m tired of not having a lot of you knowing me on a personal level. I’ll be blogging about my life on this blog, and maybe one day I’ll upgrade both of these to take the wordpress out of the name. I’ve already made a deal with myself that when my other blog gets 200 views (and after I get my first paycheck…), I’ll do it. Same goes for this one. 200 views, this gets upgraded.

Well, now that I’ve talked about everything that nobody cares about, I think that pretty much covers my introduction post. I’ll try to blog daily, but I have vacation next week so if I don’t get it a few days, please try to understand! I’ll probably put a lot more things that nobody cares about, but hopefully I’ll be able to gain a few more friends and followers. Love you all and I hope to get to know those of you that I don’t already know. (:

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