My Life in a Blog

Okay, I want to try this again. My introduction post last night was less than stellar, so I’m going to hope I do a better job this time.

My name is Courtney Killian. That’s pretty much the only thing you got from me last time. I run another blog: My hope is that it helps fellow writers.

From the outside, it looks like my life is pretty simple. My weeks pretty much just consists of work, school, writing, and The Newbie Writers Podcast. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way and things aren’t that simple. For example, the podcast wasn’t on last week, and I’m just waiting for Friday to get here so I can listen live again. I have to! It was ripped out from under me and there was that big, empty hole that I couldn’t fill with anything. There was nothing to do on my Friday night after I got home. I know, it was Independence Day. That’s fun and all, but  it would have been nice to do something after I got home from celebrating.

That’s pretty much how I am. When something goes missing from the week, I freak. Tomorrow, I may have to miss work because I woke up sick today. I don’t want to do that. My week will be all thrown off again because I’m supposed to be at work, yet I’m not. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

Next week, I will hopefully have my work void filled. I’m not looking forward to see how that pans out. My family and I are going to the Grand Canyon for vacation. I love vacations, but that was before I got a job.  Now, I feel like if I’m not at work, I’m missing something. If one little thing is thrown out of place for my week, I’m missing something. I know, most people would look forward to getting some time off of work to go out of town, but I’m just different, I guess. Maybe it’s the fact that I just started this job and I feel bad about how easy it is to get time off.

Okay, enough about what my week consists of. I’m currently a college student with hopes of getting a degree in elementary education. I’m a writer with dreams of becoming an author. I’m a regular teenager with the two loves of my life being my two nieces. Basically, to sum this up, I’m just a small town girl with a crazy big dream of becoming a best selling author.

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