Heartwarming Moments

Today at work, I was realizing how close I had really gotten to the girl that I take care of. I know I haven’t said her name. I don’t know how her parents feel about my talking about her, so I want to keep her name out of it just to be on the safe side.

She has physical therapy in the mornings and musical therapy in the afternoons. During both of those, she would look over at me to make sure I was watching, which, of course, I was. I enjoy watching her progress with therapy.

Her dad was telling me that she can tell if she’s going to like someone almost right away. That brought me back to the first time I met her. She wouldn’t stop waving at me during the job interview! It was really sweet, and her parents could tell that she was going to like me. This girl usually makes the day pretty rough for the aids that she doesn’t like, but the days have been pretty easy on me, so I guess I lucked out with this girl liking me.

We really bonded today, I feel like. She would look at me and start laughing for no apparent reason. I love it when she does that. I found out today that if certain medical issues hadn’t happened at a certain time, she wouldn’t be here today, so I thank the Lord above that she is, and that I have the chance to make an impact on this girl’s life. More importantly, though, I thank God for her making an impact on my life.

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