Lazy Days

On a normal Sunday, I would have spent my morning in church. Not this Sunday. Traveling just takes a lot out of you and makes you want to sit the next day and not do anything, right? Right. Just getting home yesterday, the last thing I wanted to do today was sit in the car for any length of time. I’m done with the car for at least 24 hours.

Not going anywhere, I have plenty of time to just do whatever at home. What do I choose to spend my time doing? Well, as a writer that has barely any time to any writing whatsoever, what do you think? That’s right, I write. It feels amazing to be able to do so freely. With school being bothersome and not giving me any time to myself, I definitely need the time. Dad’s outside doing whatever. Mom’s probably playing games on her phone or sleeping. I’m in my room working on getting the next great murder mystery out there. With any luck, I’ll be able to do at least an hour a day for a while. Maybe I’ll actually be able to do that if I spend my time writing instead of sleeping after work this week!

Being lazy definitely has it’s advantages, but I can’t imagine just laying down and doing nothing. I have to be doing something. Maybe it’s just looking at my phone looking like I’m not being productive, but it’s something. Believe me, looking at my phone is probably the most productive thing I’ll do on a non-work day. It may not look it, but I’m probably plotting.

What do you do on a lazy day? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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