Barney Lessons

I was wrong. For the longest time, I thought Barney was just a creepy dinosaur that parents let their kids play with all day. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

I admit, I did like Barney as a little kid, but as I got older, the talking dinosaurs really freaked me out, and I had to quit watching due to not being able to handle the very unrealistic show. I know, all kid shows are unrealistic. For some reason, though, this was the only one that really struck me as unrealistic.

Part of my job is watching Barney all day. That’s actually a big part of my job. It’s on all day whether the little girl I look after is watching it or not. I guess she likes the background noise of dinosaurs and kids. Who knows?

I paid a little more attention to the Barney episode that was on today (all day…eight hours of the same episode over and over and over again). I really appreciated what I saw. Baby Bop wanted to include this really shy girl in the games they were playing, and that girl didn’t want to go for the longest time. Baby Bop and Barney didn’t give up. They kept talking to the girl, and eventually, she started talking to them. The mother was there, and she said that the girl had some special needs. I was amazed that they put a girl with special needs in. I had never known any shows to do that before.

The Barney episode today showed that even if someone has special needs, they’re a regular person just like you and me. I’m glad that they show that on a kid show, and let the kids understand that just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean they’re not a normal person. Barney will probably never be my favorite show again, but I think it’s safe to say that I will spend several more days watching it with the girl I care for.

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