Lazy Days

I’ve talked about lazy days before, but that’s when I’m writing. What do I do on the days that I’m not writing?

I’m one of those people that takes a long break from writing when I’m stuck. As writers, we need the time off, as I just mentioned in my other blog ( I write, I get stuck, I take a break, then I come back to it. That’s how my life is.

I do have a day job, as I’ve mentioned before. On the days I’m not working, though, the days tend to be a bit lazy. I get bored. Very easily. That’s probably not the greatest thing in the world, but I have to keep busy somehow. I’m probably a bit of a workaholic!

That’s why I spent part of my day as I did. As I’ve said before, part of my day is watching Barney — the purple dinosaur that so many kids in this generation watched when they were little. I know I did. I loved that show. I grew out of it, but now I watch it again as part of my job. So what did I do on my day off today? You guessed it, I watched Barney. Well, it was really only one episode. I wanted to find out how Barney ended up meeting all the kids!

Other than that, I’ve been spending the day trying to relax and not doing very well. I suppose I’m off to read and try not to go crazy from the lack of things to do today. Good thing work is tomorrow. I can watch Barney for eight hours and not be judged for it!

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