These past few months, I’ve been working toward getting a podcast set up, and I wasn’t getting far at all.

My first problem was not being able to find a co-host when I desperately needed one.

I went to a friend saying that I would try to go at it alone. He has a podcast, so I asked him to help me set it up. I’m sure it was frustrating to help out when I had no idea what I was doing even after he explained it a few different times.

Earlier this week, though, I managed to find a co-host, and I am so thankful. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but I’m ready to get it started. We haven’t actually talked yet, but I plan on setting up a time soon.

I’m glad to have found a co-host, but the thought of talking to people that I don’t know every week is terrifying. I’m ready for it, though. I got prepared for it when I was on another podcast as a guest.

Being a guest is actually got me started on wanting to run a podcast myself.

I’m so excited to launch The Writers’ Journey. I don’t know when exactly it will start, but I’m ready for it. Keep looking for it, everyone. Writers everywhere are on a journey, and we’re going to dive deeper into the journey world.

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