My Rise to Fame (I Hope!)

Less than a week ago, I started a Facebook author page. Type in Author S. Courtney Killian, and you’ll find it. I’ll put it in the contacts page…eventually… Someone remind me to do that later pretty please. 🙂

In the time that I’ve had the page (five days), I’ve received 150 likes. That’s right, 150. Most of them aren’t even friends on Facebook. I invited a few friends, I admit, but most of the people that have liked the page have never even heard of me.

It’s safe to say that I’m in shock.

I’ve gotten the likes (and comments, and likes on statuses, and posts on the timeline…) with minimal marketing and no books published, so who knows what it will be like when I’m actually published? Hopefully the people on my Facebook page will actually want to buy the book as well. I’ve received so much encouragement already from people I don’t even know!

Not everyone has this success, and honestly, I don’t know how I do. I’ve always just been a small-town girl with a crazy big dream. As well as this is going, I may just end up having that dream come true. Just think, if even just most of the people that have liked my page buy my book, I could go up a few places in ranking. I’m getting quite a few likes each day and I’m planning on publishing in November, so we’ll see.

I’m still average on Twitter, and less than average on G+, but let’s just hope that I can keep up the fame on Facebook. I know, I’m not really famous, but it never hurts to dream. 🙂

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