Easter Sunday

For those of you that celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating. For those of you that don’t, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I, personally, celebrate Easter. It was a fun time of being with family.

I admit, at first I was a little disappointed that my nieces and nephew weren’t staying with my family the entire day. My sister took them to a family friend’s house…more stuff to do for the kids. After I calmed down, I understood.

One problem remained…how was I going to keep myself entertained? Well, books solved that problem.

ANYWAY. I’m getting off track here. I loved being with my family all day, even if I don’t always enjoy every second of it. I especially enjoyed the chaos that happened right after church. As it turns out, trying to take a picture with all three kids at once is pretty much an impossible task. I managed to get a picture with the two girls together, and one with my nephew separately. I have not received that picture yet, though. My dad took it and hasn’t sent it to me yet. Maybe I’ll post it when I actually get it.

Being with family isn’t always easy, but enjoying the time you have with them is absolutely crucial. Whether or not you celebrate certain holidays, being with family is important, and the best part is, you can appreciate them every day of the year, even if you don’t always like being with them.

I leave you with the picture I got with my two nieces. Until Wednesday…stay tuned!


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