Do It Right or I’ll Eat Your Lunch!

Okay, so maybe I won’t really eat your lunch if you do it wrong. That was just a really popular saying in middle school with the band director. I was just thinking about it earlier today, so yeah. That’s where that came from.

Plus, I wanted to see if it would get your attention, seeing as I’ll be complaining today… I love Monday’s. 🙂

As you may know, several months ago the first man to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US passed away. Well, his financee wrote a book on how she and her son have been dealing with his passing. It was release the other day.

Well, that’s nice and all, but see, she was interviewed on the local news station since she’s a local resident. She said at one point, “Well, you know, I only did one draft. It only takes one draft anyway, and it was just too hard to even try and go through it again.”

Um…what? I’m sorry, did I hear you right?

No. Just…no.

Writing a book takes a lot of work! Writing, rewriting, editing, spending a ton of money on an editor…everything. Ugh. It’s so frustrating how people think writing a book is easy.

The sad thing is…she’ll probably get sales anyway.

Guys, if you’re really going to write a book like you say, then okay, go for it. I’m all for people putting their foot in the door and writing. That’s what I’m doing. Why do you think I started multiple websites?

But honestly…do it right. Don’t humiliate yourself by only doing one draft. Come on now. That’s just setting yourself up for failure. I don’t want you to do that. I want you to do well. I’m not just concerned about myself, you know. I’m concerned about all writers.

I guess that’ll do it for now. Until Wednesday…stay tuned!

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