The Road to Being Published

After more than a month, this series is finally returning. How sad is it that I had to look at the name of another post to make sure I had it right? I love these. 🙂

Days of the Kill is unfortunately still on hold. I’ve been looking at it more, though, so maybe the editor won’t have quite as much to rip apart… Oh, and I’m only about $400 away from my goal. Two more paychecks it is. 🙂

The Path to Biological is going fairly well. I’m still on the third draft. Editing has slowed down quite a bit, but maybe I’ll be picking it up again soon. I hope so, anyway!

The Child of Fault is slow-going. I’m on the second draft. There’s a lot of things happening in that book, and…wow. I have a lot to work on in that book. Of course, I have a lot to work on with any first draft I create.

Bethany’s Corpse is going really well. I have finally finished the first draft! So proud of myself. Now, I need to take a month off of that and really focus on other things. I’ve been so focused on getting this one done I haven’t left time for anything else!

I’m so happy with how much I’ve done in the time that we’ve been apart, but really I missed this series. I’m so glad to be getting back to it.

Well, I guess that’s it for this week. Until next week…stay tuned!


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