And So It Begins

I hit the most exciting milestone of my career so far yesterday. I had my first author interview! Feel free to check it out here:

I had a blast answering questions and I’m sure my awkward side showed through. I couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. It was even more surreal to be reading it this morning!

I know I could have answered some of the questions better, but it was my first interview. I’ll get better as time goes on, assuming I do more. I hope I do. It was a lot of fun getting any readers of this website to get to know me more.

I guess this interview is the biggest step of my career so far. I don’t know how many interviews I’ll have, or how successful I’ll be, but as long as I have fun, I really don’t care. I’m writing because I love it.

It was a really exciting step, and I can’t wait to see where my career takes me. I will definitely be keeping everyone updated!

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