The Road to Being Published

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done this… So sorry, everyone! I’m back, and hopefully I’m back to doing this on a more normal basis.

I’m going to try and take a different approach to this, because it seems like a lot of times I just say different things are on hold. So instead, I’m going to just talk about the manuscript that I’ve actually been working on during the week. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of how far along I am.

I’m currently working on The Path to Biological. Yep, I’m still wrestling with that gosh dang manuscript, and I’m still working on the rewrite…ugh. I’m almost done with it, though. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be done with it before the end of the year!

Let me clarify: I’m typing up the rewrite, since I got done handwriting it a month or so ago. My goal is to do five pages a day. I was sticking with just five, but tonight I decided to do more… I got more like eleven, which is amazing.

There was 144 pages in the last draft. I’m not sure how many will be in this one, but I took several out of the last one. I’m on page 102, I believe… So close, yet so far!

I want to say that there will be a part two in this book. It was supposed to be a sequel, but it will be part two instead. Hopefully by next week, I will be that much closer to saying that I’m working on the first draft for it!

Until then…stay tuned!

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