Houston Authors Bash

On February 11, 2017, I had the opportunity to participate in the Houston Authors Bash in Katy, Texas. It was a great day of being with authors and like-minded people. I may have been a little excited…


Hey, it was pretty much a dream come true for this event.

I’ve been in multi-author events before, but this one felt very different. I’m thinking it may have been the fact that I didn’t have a day job to go back to that I was absolutely dreading. Thank goodness for that!

I even took my excitement so far as to take a picture of my table, which I may or may not have done once before…


Can you blame me? That is a beautiful piece of work right there. Zebra striped cash box and pen stolen from the motel included! Oh yeah, and those bookmarks that I finally got to give out to people!

A few days after the Bash, someone took my picture from the page and shared it and tagged me in it. I have to say, I’m pretty in love with it.


Who wouldn’t be when they look that awesome?

It was really a dream come true last weekend. I had such an amazing time. And for once, I actually got out of there with no new books! How that happened, I will never understand.

It was incredible, and I wouldn’t change that day for anything. I may have only sold three, but this event really was a dream come true.

AuthorFest 2016

If you’ve talked to me at all in the past few weeks, or if you read an article that I posted a few months ago, you know that I’ve been very busy with book signings. The first one was great. Five books sold! The third one is coming. The second…the second was this weekend, and was an absolutely amazing experience.

I was invited to go to AuthorFest, a multi-author signing in Denison, Texas. I met so many amazing authors.We had to get a picture together, of course…


As usual, I’m the shortest one! I haven’t stopped laughing about that. Short girl problems, anyone? Also…what the heck is going on with my hand? I’m probably thinking this is way too hysterical.

In this two-day event, I read my work. Out loud. That was such a terrifying experience! I was sick to my stomach the entire time Friday night and just kept telling myself to not nervous puke… That was all I was considering a success at that point. I was a lot more confident on Saturday, and I think it showed. Everyone heard it. Heck, even I heard it. And I saw it…

Maybe it’s just me, but I can see a HUGE ¬†difference in confidence. I’m in love with that difference.

There were also a lot of other amazing experiences. I also had a lot of other pictures of me taken. Probably more of my book… People have told me that it looked like a lot of fun! Which, of course, it was.

I shared a book rack with a couple of other authors. It sure would have looked bare if it had just been my book! That will change eventually… I just need to get all these projects I have waiting for me done, as you know.

As is usual with any place of books I go to, I had to come home with at least one book. How I came home with just one, I will never understand. I’m really looking forward to reading it, and now that I actually know this author, that makes it all the better!


The author is Jacquline E. Smith, if you like a good ghost story. The only bad part about the picture was not being able to get her name on there.

We also had a mascot. A polythemus moth. His name is Herschel.


Isn’t he beautiful?

To wrap this up, it was a great weekend. I met so many amazing authors, and because of this, I had another couple of offers to go to other events! If I go, I will definitely be posting about them. I’m sure hoping!

That’s it for this weekend. I’m hoping to get my usual Wednesday post up here in a little bit. Until then…stay tuned!