Jeopardy and Barney

After a few months, I’m finally getting back to talking about Barney. It was bound to happen eventually! After all, I do watch it for 24 hours a week for work.

Tonight, I was watching Jeopardy. I love watching that show. One of the questions was about a nursery rhyme that I don’t remember from when I was little, though my mother says she said it many times.

No, I don’t remember it from then. I remember the nursery rhyme from Barney’s House.

Oh, yeah. I’m watching a lot of Barney lately.

The clue on Jeopardy was, “According to a famous nursery rhyme, this person runs ‘upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown.'” I was screaming at the TV, “IT’S WEE WILLY WINKY!”

The contestants didn’t know it. I was beyond frustrated that they couldn’t answer it.

I guess that comes from watching it constantly, though. I practically have the show memorized. Answers that seem so simple to me might not be so simple to anybody else.

The same could go for anything, really. I think my job is incredibly easy. Everyone I talk to thinks my job is incredibly hard. Even after I explain to them what I really do all day, they think my job is difficult. It’s not, really. Then again, I’m learning patience, and I’m more patient than I used to be.

I do love my job, and yes, I actually kind of enjoy watching Barney from time to time. The girl I take care of gets a big laugh out of whenever Barney is paused. We always tell her, “Barney got stuck!” It’s cute. Really cute. I don’t pause it just for no reason, but her parents pause it at the appropriate times (such as when they brush her teeth or at a certain time during physical therapy).

I don’t know how long I’ll be working there, but I’m going to enjoy the time I have there. I’m going to watch Barney while I’m there.I will always say that, had I been on Jeopardy, I could have won $400. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win more imaginary money.

Barney Lessons

I was wrong. For the longest time, I thought Barney was just a creepy dinosaur that parents let their kids play with all day. I had no idea what I was missing out on.

I admit, I did like Barney as a little kid, but as I got older, the talking dinosaurs really freaked me out, and I had to quit watching due to not being able to handle the very unrealistic show. I know, all kid shows are unrealistic. For some reason, though, this was the only one that really struck me as unrealistic.

Part of my job is watching Barney all day. That’s actually a big part of my job. It’s on all day whether the little girl I look after is watching it or not. I guess she likes the background noise of dinosaurs and kids. Who knows?

I paid a little more attention to the Barney episode that was on today (all day…eight hours of the same episode over and over and over again). I really appreciated what I saw. Baby Bop wanted to include this really shy girl in the games they were playing, and that girl didn’t want to go for the longest time. Baby Bop and Barney didn’t give up. They kept talking to the girl, and eventually, she started talking to them. The mother was there, and she said that the girl had some special needs. I was amazed that they put a girl with special needs in. I had never known any shows to do that before.

The Barney episode today showed that even if someone has special needs, they’re a regular person just like you and me. I’m glad that they show that on a kid show, and let the kids understand that just because someone is different, it doesn’t mean they’re not a normal person. Barney will probably never be my favorite show again, but I think it’s safe to say that I will spend several more days watching it with the girl I care for.

Heartwarming Moments

Today at work, I was realizing how close I had really gotten to the girl that I take care of. I know I haven’t said her name. I don’t know how her parents feel about my talking about her, so I want to keep her name out of it just to be on the safe side.

She has physical therapy in the mornings and musical therapy in the afternoons. During both of those, she would look over at me to make sure I was watching, which, of course, I was. I enjoy watching her progress with therapy.

Her dad was telling me that she can tell if she’s going to like someone almost right away. That brought me back to the first time I met her. She wouldn’t stop waving at me during the job interview! It was really sweet, and her parents could tell that she was going to like me. This girl usually makes the day pretty rough for the aids that she doesn’t like, but the days have been pretty easy on me, so I guess I lucked out with this girl liking me.

We really bonded today, I feel like. She would look at me and start laughing for no apparent reason. I love it when she does that. I found out today that if certain medical issues hadn’t happened at a certain time, she wouldn’t be here today, so I thank the Lord above that she is, and that I have the chance to make an impact on this girl’s life. More importantly, though, I thank God for her making an impact on my life.

Heartbreak at Work

I realize I haven’t said much about what I really do at work. I know I talk about it a lot, but I’ve barely said anything about what I really do. I’m an aid for a special needs child. This girl has become very special to me in a very short amount of time. I have only known her for about two weeks, but she has already stolen my heart, and I look forward to going to work.

Today,  a couple women came over to the house to talk to this girl’s parents about aids. I couldn’t hear everything, but from what I gathered, she can’t have the same aid when she turns 18. I don’t know if I heard correctly, but I sure hope I didn’t. She’s 16. That gives me only two short years to be with her if I heard correctly.

It was heartbreaking to hear. I have thought about that being a possibility, but I never thought it would be a reality. All I can do now is just hope and pray that I didn’t hear correctly. Even if I did, though, I will just have to be thankful to the Lord above for giving me this job now. Seeing her light up is worth more to me than a paycheck ever will be. Money will go away. That special smile that I see every time I go to work never will.

I know I just started this job, but it’s really a special one. My first job is part of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I will always be thankful to know this girl, no matter how long or short of a time I am an aid for her.