The Road to Being Published

It’s Wednesday, and I’m finally getting back to this after a super long break. Sorry, guys.

I have a few things going on,Β and I’m super excited about how well it’s going. Let’s get started.

The Path to Biological… Oh, my. Where do I start with this? I can tell you that it is without doubt the most frustrating thing I have ever worked on. I know, not exactly the most positive reaction. I’m done with the first draft of part 2, and I only have about 20 chapters (all super short) left until I’m done with draft two, but still. It’s frustrating. Fellow authors, I hope you understand so I know I’m not the only one!

The Child of Fault is going really well. I’m so excited about it! I’m handwriting the draft for now, but I’ve done 66 chapters. I have 89. You do the math. I’m super close! Then I just need to type it…

I’m also working on another book called Work In Progress. It’s a memoir. It’s my journey to accepting that I will always be a work in progress, and I will never be perfect, and learning how to be okay with that. I will be telling the story as it happened, and then putting positives in. I’m a little over 10,000 words. Not quite where I was hoping to be at this stage, but I’m working on it!

Guys… I know I haven’t been the most consistent blogger in the world, but thank you to those of you that have stuck with me. I’m trying to get back in the habit, promise!

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Hopefully I’ll be back in Monday with another post. Until then…stay tuned!

The Road to Being Published

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done this… So sorry, everyone! I’m back, and hopefully I’m back to doing this on a more normal basis.

I’m going to try and take a different approach to this, because it seems like a lot of times I just say different things are on hold. So instead, I’m going to just talk about the manuscript that I’ve actually been working on during the week. Hopefully that will give you a better idea of how far along I am.

I’m currently working on The Path to Biological. Yep, I’m still wrestling with that gosh dang manuscript, and I’m still working on the rewrite…ugh. I’m almost done with it, though. At the rate I’m going, I’ll be done with it before the end of the year!

Let me clarify: I’m typing up the rewrite, since I got done handwriting it a month or so ago. My goal is to do five pages a day. I was sticking with just five, but tonight I decided to do more… I got more like eleven, which is amazing.

There was 144 pages in the last draft. I’m not sure how many will be in this one, but I took several out of the last one. I’m on page 102, I believe… So close, yet so far!

I want to say that there will be a part two in this book. It was supposed to be a sequel, but it will be part two instead. Hopefully by next week, I will be that much closer to saying that I’m working on the first draft for it!

Until then…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

I know I’ve been slacking on the posting lately. I’m trying to get back to it regularly. I promise!

It’s Wednesday, so we’re looking at how far I am on getting my next book out.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. You might be surprised!

The Path to Biological is still with the beta reader. I plan on getting in touch with her, because it’s been a little over a month. I told her no rush, but I do want to get back to it eventually. I have major rewrites to do!

The Child of Fault is now with beta readers. I know, the last time I posted I was still on the third draft. I’ve done four, and it’s with them. Isn’t that amazing? I’ve gotten so much more done with it!

Bethany’s Corpse is going well. I’ve edited ten chapters in the third draft. Yay! At this rate, I should be getting done with the third and fourth draft in just a few weeks. I can always hope for that, anyway!

Do You Remember Me is still on hold. I hope to be getting back to it in just a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to it. I actually miss working on this manuscript!

Living Through Abuse is still on hold as well. I’ll get back to it as soon as I possibly can… Hopefully it’ll be soon. I may just have to skip over some things and get back to it sooner!

I didn’t have a lot to report this week, but it was enough. I’m just proud of how far I’ve gotten in just a short amount of time. That’s about all for this week. Here’s to hoping I have even more to post next week! Until then…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

The good thing about doing an extra post a week and a half ago is that there was no month in between posts unlike my other site.

Anyway… It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to look at where I am with being published. Have I ever mentioned how much I love these? πŸ™‚

The Path to Biological is on hold currently. Well, not really because I thought of something that needs to be done, but… It’s currently with a beta reader. Yep, I’ve done beta readers for this one before. But I needed to get another one because of the major rewrite I did… It’s just too bad that yet another rewrite will need to be done! Ugh!

The Child of Fault is finally not on hold anymore! I’m working on the fourth draft, which is amazing to me. I’m over 100 pages in. Right after that, I’ll be looking for beta readers… I can’t be the only one sensing a theme here.

Bethany’s Corpse is on hold still. I’ll be looking at that right after I get The Child of Fault done. I’ll be on the third draft. My goal is to get to it by the end of this month. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Do You Remember Me is on hold as well. That’s still on the first draft, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m so ready to get to it. It’s a fun book to write! Challenging, but fun.

Living Through Abuse is still on hold as well. That also is a challenging book to write. I’ll get to it, though. I may completely start over, but I’ll get to it. The only reason I’m starting over is because I realized I need to write about all my toxic relationships. Not just the one I was so incredibly focused on.

I still have yet to start on my part of the compilation book I’m part of, From Surviving to Thriving. I plan on starting it…eventually. Maybe not until next month some time, but eventually.

Also, on that note… From Surviving to Thriving is a compilation about domestic violence. If you were in a toxic relationship of any sort, or if maybe you were the abuser and now you’ve gotten away from that life, you are more than welcome to join the book. We would love to have you! It’s not just for women. Men, you are welcome to come join us as well. Get in contact with me. There is a tab with all of my contact information (Facebook is what I check most often… Author S. Courtney Killian), and I will get you in contact with the people that you need to be in contact with. Also, please know that if you don’t want your name, picture, or bio in the book, that’s okay, too. You absolutely can author under a pen name.

I think that about does it for this week. Until next week…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

I’ve never done this whole two posts in one day thing before… Let’s do this thing.

You guys. I have done so much the past few weeks. I’m so excited about how well it’s gone! Let’s hope I can make it sound like this… I should be able to. Yay.

The Path to Biological is going so much faster now that I’m typing it! I just started Chapter 60 last night. I’m just over 36,000 words. This is so exciting. I should be finishing this week or next week… I hope!

The Child of Fault is still on hold, but I should be getting back to it soon. I’m getting close… I just have to get to a point where I can just dump the main focus on someone else.

That sounds awful. But anyway…

Bethany’s Corpse is still on hold as well. It’s in the lineup, I swear. I’ll get to it. It may be a couple months, but I’ll get there. Eventually. I’m on the third draft, I think. Jeez, it’s been a while…

Do You Remember Me is still on hold as well. I keep hoping to start a sprint with the group I used to sprint with…. Now I probably won’t until I get my laptop back. The motherboard decided to crash. So much fun.

Living Through Abuse is, yes, on hold as well. I’m excited about this one, so hopefully it won’t be too long. I could skip to it, but I need to let my fiction works have a chance, too. πŸ˜‰

I know, I know, it sounds like I’m not doing much, but really, I am! It feels like a lot more than it looks on paper. Believe me, 36,000 words in three or four weeks was not easy. I’m really pushing myself by doing there. Bring it on.

I believe that’s all for this week. Until then…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

Hello, everyone. I’m back this week to talk about how far I am in getting published. Well…published again, I should say. Because as you know, Days of the Kill is on Amazon. Go look it up!

Somebody remind me to get a “bookstore” tab on here one of these days… Seriously, it’s been out almost a month.

Anyway, I’m really proud of how far I’ve gotten. It’s been a lot of fun to look at the progress I can make in one week! Or as you all know, two weeks.

The Path to Biological is going so much faster now! I finished the handwritten draft (finally!) and now I’m typing it up. I got over 11,000 words in one day. How awesome is that? Now, I’m at just over 16,000. I’m also on Chapter 30 already. There’s 71. I’d say I have a pretty good head start on it, especially considering the slow pace of a realistic goal I had. It turns out I really didn’t need to worry about that. Go figure.

The Child of Fault is still on hold, although it shouldn’t be for much longer. If I keep going at the pace I’m going, I should be back to it in just a few weeks. Yay!

Bethany’s Corpse is still on hold as well. I hope it’s not for too much longer, because let’s be honest, I love this book. It’s probably my favorite one to work on. I don’t even know how to express my love for this (I’m picking favorites with my book children now…I’m that mother. Whoops).

Do You Remember Me is still on hold as well. I’ve been on the first draft for pretty much forever, but hey, at least I’m making progress somewhere, which is more than I could say about myself for a while. And let me tell you, this is going to need a lot of revisions. This is such a different style than I’m used to writing!

Living Through Abuse is still on hold as well. Just like Do You Remember Me, it’s going to need a lot of revisions once I finally finish the first draft. It may be weird because it’s a nonfiction book, but as every nonfiction author knows, even those need a lot of help sometimes.

I also have very exciting news. I’m going to be a part of a compilation book called From Surviving To Thriving. It’s all about experiences in abusive relationships, and I’m so excited to be a part of it. It’s set to release in October of 2016. I will let you all know more about it as it comes!

I believe that’s it for this week. Next week, I hope to have even more exciting news to share! Until then…stay tuned!

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So Close, Yet So Far

Getting close to the end on anything writing-related is such an exciting thing, no matter what the case may be. Maybe you’re getting close to the end of the draft, maybe you’re getting close to the final before you send your manuscript off to the world, or maybe you’re getting close to the end of a goal.

Whatever the case may be, you’re probably getting excited. I know I am.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’ve been handwriting a draft of The Path to Biological. I know some of you may think it’s insane (I spoke to one individual that thinks it’s insane, anyway), but at the time, it seemed easier than going back and forth between two different screens, or making a lot of use out of the backspace button (which I do enough of already!).

I finally have less than 20 pages left (then I have to type it, but I’m not ready to think about that yet). When I started this, I never imagined I would be taking months to do this. I finally put a deadline on myself and I’m making myself stick to it. The handwriting has to be done by next month, and then I can focus on typing. So far, I’m actually ahead, which is where I plan to stay.

The thing is, when we’re getting close to the end of something, why does it seem like there are more distractions than ever before? It’s like there’s some unseen force that helps distract us from reaching our goal, which is really annoying and frustrating.

Really, you have two options here: Push through the distractions, or give in.

What will you choose? I know which one I try to choose.

Now, I know that things happen like a family member (kids especially) or a friend needs you. That’s understandable and acceptable. They should come before writing. Always.

Well, I guess that’s it for today. Until Monday….stay tuned!

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Promotion: Joys and Woes

If you read my post on Wednesday, you know I have just published a book. (Days of the Kill. It’s on Amazon. Look it up. It’s awesome.).

Promotion is dang hard. Unfortunately, the fantasy we all have at one point or another that the publisher will do all the promotion or people will just magically find the book and we’ll all become rich and famous just isn’t true. That’s on you, people. Play your cards right, and you may just have a runaway best-seller.

Okay, so it’s not likely, but it’s possible.

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I’ve been a published author. I have to say, I’ve had really positive feedback. I let people know about it, and people reacted. Boy, did people react.

People I haven’t talked to in forever liked my Facebook post. People that I haven’t talked to in a while said they bought it and want it signed. Heck, someone I never even talked to before bought the ebook and loved it!

I also have two reviews on Amazon. Two amazing reviews. And I am so happy about those reviews.

But wait, there’s more. There is another part to this. In come the woes to ruin a few things.

Things can happen. A family emergency comes up (yup, just had that happen), a friend is in trouble, or any number of things can come up out of the blue. Promotion tends to be the furthest thing on your mind when that happens.

My family emergency happened about a week after I published. I had said something on social media maybe once or twice before it happened. One week later, I’ve said something once since the whole family emergency thing. Yay me.

Things will happen that promotion will be put on hold for. But if you think about it, why not make a quick post on social media about your book? You might just be surprised.

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The Road to Being Published

Hey all, sorry once again for not getting a post up on Monday. I spent the day recovering from my nephew’s and niece’s birthday party. More on that in a few days…

For now, it’s time for my weekly review of how far I’ve come this week. I love these. πŸ™‚

Days of the Kill is still not on pre-order, but should be getting there soon. I have yet to see the cover, but it should be done soon, and I look forward to seeing it. My publisher has informed me that the book is set to be released the week of March 14, hopefully that day. So yay!

The Path to Biological is still going slowly. I managed to finish handwriting chapter 48, but haven’t done anything since then. There’s like 70-something chapters… So I still have a ways to go, but I’m working on it.

The Child of Fault is still on hold, which I’m hoping will change fairly soon. I enjoy that one, and I’m itching to get back to it. But I have other priorities first, so I focus on what I need to.

Bethany’s Corpse is still on hold as well. There’s a line of books in front of it, and I hope to get that done soon. It’ll take a few weeks, but hang in there with me. I’m working my way towards it.

Do You Remember Me is mostly on hold, and I’m still at about 18,000 words because I didn’t get to participate in the sprint last week. Bummer, but I’m hoping I get to do that tonight. I like sprinting with new words. πŸ™‚

Living Through Abuse is on hold as well, but I plan on sprinting with it as soon as I’m done with the first draft of Do You Remember Me. I’m hoping we can keep up the sprints for a long time.

I didn’t get a lot done this week, but some is better than none. I’m hoping to get even more done next week!

Until then…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

I was planning on getting a post up on Monday, but of course, that didn’t happen. Oh, well. As long as I get to do this. I love this even if it doesn’t bring up very positive results. πŸ™‚

I really didn’t get a lot done this week. I briefly wondered if it was even worth posting. I figured it was, since I still love doing this.

Days of the Kill is done. I’m still waiting to see the pre-order available, and I don’t know when that will be. I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as I can.

The Path to Biological is still being hand-written, and I’m still on chapter 40-something. I’m not positive how many chapters in I am for sure, but I’ll try to make sure I know for next week, and hopefully that will bring more positive results than lately.

The Child of Fault is still on hold because The Path to Biological is my main focus right now. I will definitely focus on this when I can. It’ll more than likely be when the other one is with a couple more beta readers that I have in mind. Not a huge formal beta reading thing, just a couple friends to look over it one more time. πŸ™‚

Bethany’s Corpse is still on hold as well. I will work on that once The Child of Fault is with beta readers (whenever that is… I have no idea.). I’m hoping it’s soon. I enjoy that manuscript.

Do You Remember Me is going slowly. For the most part, it is on hold, but I work on that whenever I do a sprint with my Writing Accountability Group. I’m about 18,000 words in, I believe.

Living Through Abuse is on hold for now as well. Once I finish the first draft of Do You Remember Me through sprints, this will be the next one in line for that. It won’t be this week, but I’m hoping I can do another one next week.

I think that’s all for this week. It wasn’t much, but at least I did a little. Hopefully more next week.

Until next week…stay tuned!

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