The Road to Being Published

I apologize for not getting a post up on Monday. I had a History exam that I was studying for and then completely wiped out after. Yay for summer classes.

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another update in how far along I am in getting published.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come this week! I may not have gotten as far as I wanted to, but I’m hoping I can do even more this week.

Days of the Kill is still on hold, unfortunately. I get paid tomorrow… I’ll finally be halfway to my goal! Maybe just a couple more months, and I’ll be able to afford that editor that I really want…

I haven’t done anything with The Path to Biological, even though I’ve been meaning to. I’m planning on starting that up again today. As long as I can get back into the groove after my orthodontist appointment…joy.

The Child of Fault is still on hold, but again, I’m planning on starting that up again today. I haven’t looked at it in a month. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with that. I will be starting on the second draft. So exciting to think about!

Bethany’s Corpse is going so well! I have just over 27,000 words down. I haven’t really done much with it these past few days, but I will be doing more very soon. Today, possibly. As long as I have time after the other two. I may just make time… Anyway, yeah, I’m really excited about how fast this first draft is going.

I’ve done quite a bit this week, though it is mostly with the first draft of Bethany’s Corpse. Here’s to hoping I have even more to report next week!

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I know, I know, I said I would get back to Wednesday posting. I also said unless something earth-shattering happens. Believe it or not, something earth-shattering did happen. The little girl that I take care of that I have mentioned many times before went to the hospital. I couldn’t write and be happy after that. I just couldn’t.

I can’t give many details as to why she was in the hospital, but I can say that she was released Friday afternoon and it’s back to work for me on Tuesday. I have never been so happy to hear those words in my life.

Hopefully, I will be getting back to writing a Road to Being Published on Wednesday. I hope it really happens this time. I don’t like promising things and then missing it… That gets old. Really fast.

I can tell you that I’m on the fourth draft now of Days of the Kill. It’s about time I got there, too. I hated moving so slow on the third draft. I got tired of being on the same draft for over a month. Gosh darn computer problems!

Well, I will hopefully get back to that on Wednesday. I’ve missed doing that. Wednesday has turned into my favorite time of the week because I get to update you on how close I am to getting published. I’m ready. I’m willing. I can do it.

Until Wednesday…stay tuned!

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