Time Flies By

Hey all, I apologize for not posting at all last week. I was insanely busy.

I was just realizing how fast time goes by. My niece turns five in just two months. But I guess that wasn’t the main focus on my thoughts about how fast time is going.

I have wanted to get published pretty much all of my life. But you know what? I used to wait for inspiration to come and then I just wrote all night. Big mistake, I know. Especially since I was in high school at the time and would sometimes write on a school night!

I would love to say that worked. Not surprisingly, it didn’t. After high school, I started listening to a writing podcast and really started wanting to write seriously. I really started in May of 2014. It’s crazy to think how fast time has gone by. I don’t feel like I’ve been writing for over a year, and now I’m just waiting on the money to be able to get the manuscript edited one last time!

It’s been almost a year since I first finished that manuscript… It’s crazy to think about.

I don’t know how time slips by us all, but it sure does. I’d be willing to bet that all of you think so, too!

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Starting a New Story

I couldn’t help myself yesterday. I had time to edit, so I edited. I had time to start a new manuscript…

And so I did.

Pretty crazy, isn’t it? Now I’m working on four manuscripts at once… Say what?

If I’m being honest, I love the feel of starting a new manuscript. It’s like something that can’t be described. It’s a new feeling. It’s the wonder of what’s going to happen. It’s the wonder of…a new adventure.

Yes, a new adventure. That’s what a story is, isn’t it? An adventure? A lot of times I don’t know what’s going to happen with the story until I get there… I always love finding out.

I know this will be an absolutely crappy first draft, but hey, I’m okay with that. I will feel amazing after I get the first draft done, even if it means I have a crap load of editing to do after it.

I really look forward to seeing how this new draft turns out. I can’t wait to see how this book ends! It may turn into a sequel like the other three are turning out to be…dear gosh, I kind of hope not. It’s a case, and I don’t want this case dragging out into two books.

Bethany’s Corpse is officially under way. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I intend to find out. One thing’s for sure: I feel like the potential for many things can happen in this book.

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Budget, Budget, Budget!

I’m pretty much broke. Like, flat broke. Well, I have a couple hundred in the bank (at least), but when I need to make payments to an editor…well, you get the picture.

I think all writers struggle with that. At least at first. Then some of us hit it big and never have to worry about money again. Others…well, not so much. Personally, I’m hoping to make it big, but we’ll see how that goes. Don’t we all? I do always say, “When I’m rich and famous…” Never hurts to think positive. 😉

So, what do you do when you’re on a budget? I’m just limiting the amount of time I spend on Amazon (Amazon addict, especially when it’s almost my youngest niece’s second birthday…look out, bank account!!!) and living paycheck to paycheck. Life of a writer, am I right?

I’m personally a big fan of Thumbtack right now. Over the next 24 hours, I’ll be getting emails from editors so I can get an idea of who would be a good fit for me and who I can afford. Yes, I realize there’s such things as payments, but even those have their limits.

Now, for those of you who have been reading my posts for any length of time might be questioning: didn’t I have an editor already?

Quite simply: yes. I did. I still do for future projects.

While she did an amazing job on my manuscript, she wanted me to get one more editor. Mostly, she wanted me to get a content editor, but I can’t do that! My manuscript defies all normal murder mysteries… But, I will get another editor.

Now, I did have one in mind, but apparently, that one isn’t much good…and is unprofessional. Beware of those, writers. I’m so glad I found that post about her.

Well, I guess that’s about it for this week. Wednesday, we’ll look to see how far along I’ve come again. Until then…stay tuned!

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The Road to Being Published

Another Wednesday, another time to look at how far along I am in my journey of being published.

I have to say, it doesn’t really seem like I’ve come very far, but I really feel like I’ve done a lot. so, I’m excited about it.

Days of the Kill is officially off with the editor! I sent it to her last Wednesday evening. I’m so excited to see how far I’ve come with that. It was just last May when I started the first draft for that… Less than a year later, it’s off with the editor. I can’t believe it.

I’m currently taking a break on The Path to Biological. I start up with the third draft tomorrow. Well…after work, anyway. I’m so excited to get started on the third draft. Not so much that one of the characters needs a major rewrite, but hey, if I can get that, I’m not too worried about it. So, we’ll see how that goes.

The Child of Fault has come a long way! I finally hit 20,000 and almost to 21,000. How cool is that? It’s amazing how much you can get done in one week if you’re working on just one manuscript. But, I made the decision to work on three at once, so I’m excited for the times that I get to work on just one. The Child of Fault was being sadly neglected. I’m glad to have time to work on it.

Lastly, I can’t believe how many people have liked my Facebook author page! I’m not even published yet and have over two thousand likes! Thank you to everyone who has liked my page.

I guess that’s about it this week. Hopefully I’ll have Days of the Kill back from the editor next week. She said I would have it back within fourteen days!

Until next week…stay tuned!

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