NaNoWriMo 2014

Despite what I said in my last post, I have decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month 2014, better known as NaNoWriMo.

I must be crazy to want to do this, but I really feel like I can. I feel like I can at least get close. I want to actually feel what it’s like to try and take on the crazy task of getting 50,000 words in just 30 days. It’s crazy, but I feel like I can do it.

I’m not quite sure how that’ll go over with school and work yet. Today and tomorrow I’ll be finding that out. Maybe I’ll try to stay at least a day ahead. I know I am already.

To get 50,000 words in 30 days, you have to write about 1,667 words a day. It’s crazy, believe me. It doesn’t seem to be too hard, though. I already have almost 7,000 words!

I’m sure I’ll be able to do it if I can stay a day ahead. I won’t be able to write late tonight like I’ve been doing because I have to be up at the time I’ve been going to bed these last couple nights. Hopefully, I can get enough done during the day so I’m not playing catch up with my schedule late tomorrow night.

I will try to update you every Monday about NaNoWriMo. I’ll let you know how the progress is coming along.

Are you participating? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to be off and get to writing. Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone!

Lazy Days

I’ve talked about lazy days before, but that’s when I’m writing. What do I do on the days that I’m not writing?

I’m one of those people that takes a long break from writing when I’m stuck. As writers, we need the time off, as I just mentioned in my other blog ( I write, I get stuck, I take a break, then I come back to it. That’s how my life is.

I do have a day job, as I’ve mentioned before. On the days I’m not working, though, the days tend to be a bit lazy. I get bored. Very easily. That’s probably not the greatest thing in the world, but I have to keep busy somehow. I’m probably a bit of a workaholic!

That’s why I spent part of my day as I did. As I’ve said before, part of my day is watching Barney — the purple dinosaur that so many kids in this generation watched when they were little. I know I did. I loved that show. I grew out of it, but now I watch it again as part of my job. So what did I do on my day off today? You guessed it, I watched Barney. Well, it was really only one episode. I wanted to find out how Barney ended up meeting all the kids!

Other than that, I’ve been spending the day trying to relax and not doing very well. I suppose I’m off to read and try not to go crazy from the lack of things to do today. Good thing work is tomorrow. I can watch Barney for eight hours and not be judged for it!